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Study and Funding Opportunities for Students - Rumsfeld Foundation Fellowships

In 2008, the Rumsfeld Foundation launched its graduate fellowship program to provide grants to promising students with an interest in serving the nation through policy-relevant fields or by pursuing a career in public service.  Some of the country's most respected scholars in fields from economics to international relations have helped identify candidates of outstanding intellectual ability, integrity, moral character and leadership potential who will benefit from some financial assistance. Depending on the circumstances of each selected student, he or she can receive a stipend for the academic year and tuition assistance - for a combined total of up to $25,000 per student.  Fellowships are awarded on the basis of nominations from sixteen confidential advisers in universities across the country. Students may not directly apply for the fellowship through their university; they must be nominated. The foundation does not accept outside applications. The fellowship program has advisers at each of the following institutions: George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, Missouri State University, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Virginia, Indiana University, Stanford University, Villanova University, Institute of World Politics, University of Chicago, Yale University. In the four years of the program, the Rumsfeld Foundation has awarded fellowships to 42 graduate students.

See more at: http://www.rumsfeldfoundation.org/focus/our/fellowships#sthash.xWyQtoO3.dpuf